Moscow, Tennessee

Moscow TN is located on Hwy 57, just east of Rossville, with Collierville and Memphis just 30 miles to the west. One of the oldest town in Fayette County, Moscow dates its beginning back to 1827, when Daniel Head, owner of the land where Moscow stands, transferred it to five men. These five men formed the Town Company of Moscow, taking advantage of its location between the Wolf River main stream and the North Fork of the Wolf River to create an excellent trading center for southern Fayette County farmers. Before its settlement by pioneers, Moscow was a hunting and camping ground for indigenous Native American populations.

Several restaurants welcome travelers with home cooking, some of the best catfish, and southern delights to be found in the area.

The Wolf River provides a natural, unspoiled wilderness area for outdoor lovers. It flows north from Mississippi through Fayette and Shelby Counties toward the Mississippi River. The Ghost River section of the river is particularly unique. It is one of the most beautiful, varied and challenging wetland canoe trails in the country. The entire width of southern Fayette County (26 miles) is traversed by the river’s flood plain. The Wolf eventually meanders more than 80 miles making its confluence with the Mississippi River right in the heart of metropolitan Memphis.

A prime hunting ground for whitetail deer, raccoon, squirrel, rabbit and other small game, Moscow features a number of checking stations where hunters are welcomed. Hunters can also have their harvests processed for food and mounted for trophies.

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